5 Facts about Atheists in America

5 Facts about Atheists in America

  1. The number of Americans who identify as atheist has doubled in the past few years.
  2. American atheists are more likely to be young, white, males.
  3. American atheists tend to lean left politically and are most likely to identify as liberal democrats.
  4. The majority of atheists in America agree homosexuality should be accepted and are perfectly fine with same-sex marriage.
  5. An environmentally friendly group, most American atheists believe stricter environmental laws and regulations are worth the cost.
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  • We are undoubtedly the fastest-growing significant-sized demographic group in the country. No other has doubled in just a few years.

    No one should be surprised at the acceptance of homosexuality. Once religious taboo is no longer a factor, there’s no reason for objecting to it.

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