Why Are Educated People More Likely to Be Atheists?


Religion works more through the emotions than through reason..

Church and State

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One Response to Why Are Educated People More Likely to Be Atheists?

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  • It’s an interesting thought why people cling to religion and I think using it as an emotional coping mechanism, would certainly be one valid reason. I also think there is a moral reason; if you believe in a god you don’t have to use you’re own critical thinking and moral compass( you’re off the hook), the ‘morality’ so to speak has already been predetermined for you, for example the 10 commandments. The problem with using this as a moral guide is life is much more nuanced than this, most things are not wrong or right and generally depend on the specific situation at the time. Critical thinking as opposed to blind faith is probably the most important thing we can teach our children.

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