Atheists Could Learn a Lot from Religious People About How to Win Debates

Religious people and “faitheists”— my term for nonbelievers who feel that religion is good for society as a whole—have been using a new strategy against atheists. Like good debaters, they aim to put us on the defensive, insisting that we deal with this or that Deep Theological Book (the latest “must-read” is David Bentley Hart’s The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss), or we answer this or that argument, or we read every “sophisticated” theologian in the history of Christianity. And if we don’t, well, then they won’t regard us as serious atheists. (As if they would anyway!) But I also realized that we can turn the tables on these people. After all, they’re the ones making unevidenced claims about reality, not us. So I propose that, when debating the religious, nonbelievers start using two tu quoque arguments.

4 Reasons Atheists Have to Fight for Their Rights

In the U.S., atheists have laws protecting them. But laws aren’t always obeyed, or enforced — and fighting for legal rights can have dire consequences.


Does Religious Thinking Sow the Seeds of Violence?

In many ways, religion is born out of this idea: the soul is what really matters; eschew the physical and focus on the moral prescriptions arising from your prophet (or the ‘voice’ inside your own head).

Over and over, we see the problem this ideology creates.

The Big Think

Atheist Girl’s Twitter Block List

Twitter Tips

A feature of Twitter I think is actually kind of cool is the ability to import and export block lists. Having a jumping off point of must block morons would’ve made my first few months on there much easier. I..

Hurricane Harvey and How to Help

Hurricane Harvey Relief - How you can help

With rivers still days from cresting this catastrophic hurricane will require all of us to do what we can to help our fellow Americans. Here is a collection of links to help you donate and provide help to the victims..

The Case Against the Resurrection

from Bart Erhman

What is a Twitter List?

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How to mute a conversation

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Sticks and stones may break your bones but calling people names will get you suspended

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One of the more annoying features of twitter’s war on free speech has to be the forced time-outs for simply using a word to describe someone else in an argument.. and depending on the word used, your time in the..

The incognito browser window is your friend

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Your tweet says there are 6 replies but you only see 2. You have been blocked by someone but still want to know what they are saying. Enter the incognito browser window. If you can’t see replies chances are you..

Useful Twitter Links

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Twitter Search is actually useful!

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Oh no.. I’ve been blocked!

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The first thing I do when someone blocks me is block them back. This way your tweets aren’t easily available to your blocker for them to use to report etc. Being blocked by someone on twitter means you won’t be..

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