How to Become Ordained


I love the idea of atheists becoming ordained. What a great way to not only keep people out of the church but to help fellow atheists, members of the lgbtq community, and anyone else who wants no part of a "religious" ceremony.

Here is a list of places where you can become ordained online for free.
Remember to check with your particular state to make sure of the exact requirements!

  • Church of the Latter-Day DudeGet ordained immediately at the Church of the Latter-Day Dude! Become an official "Dudeist Priest" right away. It's totally free and there are no obligations.
  • Universal Life Church Ministriesa non-denominational online ministry and is perhaps one of the largest communities of ordained ministers in the world.
  • American Marriage MinistriesWe are a Federally Recognized 501(c)3 Public Charitable Organization as described by the IRS. Our spiritual mission is to ensure that all people have the right to perform marriage.
  • Open Ministrya non-denominational church that welcomes all. Our ordinations are recognized in all 50 states. As an Ordained Minister you hold an official title and can legally perform weddings and ceremonies, you can also conduct spiritual counseling, hold worship services, perform all other sacerdotal duties of a minister, or start your own church.
  • Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monsterthis one is not free but come on. It's ordination from the FSM 😀
  • First United Church of CthulhuThe First United Church of Cthulhu is a legally registered nonprofit religious organization.