We are better than any god

Never mind Twitter. Simply living in this area of the country not a day goes by that I’m not bombarded with god this and jesus that. There are people who have become “famous” for standing in Quiktrip parking lots and preaching at the top of their lungs whether you want to hear it or not. Want to write a letter to your congressman? They will respond with the customary “god bless you” at the end even when talking about doing away with healthcare for the poor or safe access to abortions for women because of their “beliefs”. There is literally a church on every corner, news channels do stories on the “faith” community and people are praised for throwing out all common sense, logic, and rational thinking.

And all of this is of course aside from the horrors that take place daily all over this world. From honor killings to genital mutilation and for what? Even if this so called all-powerful, all-loving, god exists it’s pretty clear he/she isn’t interested in us. There is no preventing tragedies, no stopping innocent children from getting cancer, hell he can’t even be bothered to stop his own priests from raping children. In reality if you had a friend that sat and watched someone rape a child and they chose to do nothing you wouldn’t continue being friends with that person yet theists choose this “god” over actual people. And not just strangers! Their own children and family members.. it’s not only ridiculous it’s disgusting. It is this nonsense that makes me the atheist that I am today. We humans are exploring space. We have been to the moon and we have put robots on Mars. We have cured diseases and managed to find a way to live on a planet that tries to kill us on a regular basis.
We don’t need a god, we are better than any god.

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  • I agree with you 100%! I try my best to stay positive, and friendly where I live in the heart of the “bible belt.” I’m far outnumbered by people always carrying around their imaginary friend! I can’t watch the local evening news without hearing about it! I just have to ignore it remembering that I too was one of them just a few short years ago! Geez, I can’t believe the amount of people who I once thought were “godless” because they are liberal, and from the “left coast” giving credit to god for the success they are enjoying in their lives. It’s maddening! I follow you on Twitter, and enjoy your tweets! I’m bookmarking your site so to return very, very often.

    • Comment by Annie
    • Posted on November 3, 2016
    • Aw thank you so much! and it sounds like you are my neighbor! lol I totally understand your pain 😉

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