Holy Drama Batman!

First I am so sorry you had to worry about me. I didn’t even realize my dork ass boyfriend posted what he did until just now.

What Actually Happened

I have been extremely stressed out lately (unfortunately twitter has been the least of my problems) and I haven’t been eating right or taking care of myself. Consequentially I ended up passing out. Enter anxious boyfriend coupled with my anxiety and we ended up going to the emergency room just to make sure nothing was actually wrong. Dehydration + stress equals no bueno but I am fine. No heart attack lol.

The Boyfriend

Oh if only you knew him you would be laughing as hard as I am right now. He despises Twitter because he tends to get the brunt of my ranting. Not even considering there are people who actually care, he thought he would go all Wyatt Earp on my tl. (he’s an atheist too.. the hell and “my love” crap was what made it so funny)

In Conclusion

I am so so sorry that any of you worried unnecessarily. He has been told if he touches my twitter again I will eat his face off. It makes me feel terrible that some of you were genuinely worried and I am sorry for that. 🙁

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3 Responses to Holy Drama Batman!

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  • I am very thankful you are ok, that’s the important thing. Yes, I was very worried.

  • Good to hear that it was nothing serious. I was worried sick especially when the word “heart attack” got dropped.

    Good to have you back AG. Don’t let the bullies get to ya and stay strong like I know you will



  • That’s hilarious, he owes you bigly. I’m surprised he didn’t blame the Russians to get off the hook. They are a great go-to in a pinch. I’ve used them to avoid a lot of social media events.

    • Comment by LadyBrat
    • Posted on April 19, 2018
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