How I Make Memes with the iPhone

Making Memes with the iPhone

I love making memes! I also think memes can be a great tool in helping people to think without actually having to argue with them :D. Though I did use Photoshop in the beginning I quickly realized there are some AMAZING apps that will do exactly the same thing in way less time.

Here is a list of the apps I use as well as how I use them and again these apps are all iOS apps and I have no idea whether they are available in any other format ๐Ÿ˜‰

Font Candy Better Photo Editor
This app is great to find free stock photo images to use. It does have a few filters, color overlays and crops images for each social network’s preferred sizes but I mainly use it for actually finding free stock images so I don’t violate anyone’s copyright by just grabbing them off the web. While it also has a great selection of fonts I don’t use it for typography because it doesn’t provide the ability to center the text without guessing and I need those guidelines!

I use this app for its photo editing abilities. It has a great selection of filters, overlays, and a paint tool. Again like Font Candy, this app has other features but I only use it for the image editing.

Split Pic Pro Photo Collage Maker
This is the app I use when I need to, well, split pictures ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s perfect for putting two images together or combining an image with a colored area for text.

Canva – Graphic Design & Photo Editing – Canva
This is my go-to app for typography. It has a large selections of fonts and they are easily styled, cloned, and centered. It also has a pretty good selection of image filters and huge selection of graphic elements you can use as well. You can also choose pre-made layouts in all the social network sizes. This is my favorite and most-used app.

Ripl allows you to create custom animated posts and share them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is the app I use for the animated memes I create.

Now get out there and make some memes!!

Affiliate Disclosure: Please know that if you make a purchase from any of the links on this page I may earn a commission. Thank you so much for the support of my site!

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