This is the end.. beautiful friend.. the end

I thought about going into a long drawn out post defending myself, explaining myself, etc. But I have decided against it and let me tell you why. First, I have already done it 100 times. Second, I made a mistake. I apologized. It wasn’t good enough so yeah the sarcasm and snark that is usually appreciated when directed at religious folk was instead directed at a different group of people who were harassing me, lying, you know.. the usual. Not at all unlike any other day except this time they weren’t religious in a biblical sense.


Again and for the last time I AM SORRY. I was never not sorry. I have been sorry the ENTIRE TIME. But when you’re told repeatedly your sorry isn’t good enough and the harassment doesn’t stop you bet your ass I threw some snark. Not transphobia, not hate but sarcasm and snark.

Stop the Hate

You can accept this final apology and we can all move forward and end the harassment from all sides or I will be exposing each and everyone of one of the twitter profiles and tweets of those people who have been harassing me since February regarding this issue. (Threats to me have already been sent to law enforcement) Everything I have collected has been shared on a public forum and there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing social posts or showing the behavior of despicable people who have no regard for fellow humans or truth.

I really hope we can all be adults and put this to rest. Again, I apologize.
I will not be addressing this on Twitter any longer. If you are interested in contacting me you can do so through my site.

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