5 Facts about the Bible

5 Facts about the Bible

  1. Jesus himself left no writings, and not a single author of the New Testament ever knew Jesus personally. The New Testament was written decades after Jesus died.
  2. Early bibles were not divided into chapters and verses. It wasn’t until the Geneva Bible printed in 1576 that it would be organized into more easily referenced sections.
  3. President Thomas Jefferson made his own bible by dissecting the New Testament. He took the moral teachings of Jesus and left the superstition and miracles and created what is known as The Jefferson Bible.
  4. The authors of the New Testament Gospels are anonymous. The Gospels are not eyewitness accounts nor do they claim to be.
  5. The most popular version of the bible is the King James Version. Commissioned not authored by King James I, a bisexual, the book was actually translated/written by a committee of scholars and clergymen over a period of many years.
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