10 Facts About Scientology


Here are a 10 “fun” facts about the Church of Scientology..

Definition of Scientology

Scientology was created by science fiction and self-help writer L. Ron Hubbard
Hubbard is quoted as saying “Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion.”1
Scientology is banned in Russia
The Russian Ministry has banned the Church of Scientology from Russia due to the fact that the word “Scientology” is registered as a U.S. Trademark and therefore cannot be considered a religion.2
Scientologists hate Anderson Cooper
After doing an investigation into Scientology and speaking with some of its ex-members, the church published a 95-page magazine devoted to attacking Anderson.3
A few countries actually call scientology what it is.. a cult
There are a few countries that have labeled scientology a cult (even a dangerous cult) including Chile, France, and Israel. Of course the church denies these allegations and in most cases is actively fighting the classifications.4
“Operation Snow White” aka that one time scientology was responsible for the largest case of domestic espionage in US history
In 1973 under the code name “Operation Snow White” the church of scientology infiltrated the FBI, IRS, Justice Department, and American Medical Association (just to name a few) and were responsible for stealing and copying millions of documents they could in turn use to discredit or threaten potential church opponents. Initially it started as an attempt to remove any documents that might harm the church and evolved into what would become the largest case of domestic espionage in American history.5
Scientology used to have a band called the Apollo Stars
With its very own dance troupe to accompany them.. the Apollo Stars were the house band for Sea Org a scientology organization that started aboard a ship called the Apollo.6
The billion year contract
When you join the church of scientology’s organization “Sea Org” you are forced to sign a billion year contract to show your commitment to the church.7
Scientology opposes Psychiatry
Scientologists are completely against psychiatric treatments of any kind.. they believe the practice is “insane” and they are forbidden to take drugs to treat mental illness.8
Narconon was created by the Church of Scientology
No surprise here since scientology vehemently opposes the use of drugs.. Narconon was created in 1966 and based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.9
75+ Million years ago Xenu ruled the Galactic Confederation
That’s right. This federation included an alliance of 76 planets including Teegeeack now known as Earth. In an attempt to control overpopulation xenu took all sorts of beings from the different planets and deposited them around earth. These beings called Body Thetans where implanted with all the devious perversions such as religion and sexual desire and they attach themselves to the Main Thetan who resides in each person on earth. These so-called bad body thetans overwhelm the main thetan and are the cause of all inner turmoil as well as physical and mental illness the person experiences. Scientology helps you “clear” these trouble makers.


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